Top 30 under 30 ∞ CPC 2014

Awards & Recognition

The Canada Photo Convention put out a call for the best photographers under 30 across Canada earlier this summer. Today I got notified that I was selected as one of the 30. I’m flattered, really. After having a look at 29 fellow photographers that got that same email this morning, I have to say it’s an honour to be there on that list. These are people whose work I look up to. They inspire me to push myself further each weekend I shoot a wedding. A handful of them even happen to be real-life friends I’ve met through being in this industry for 4 years. That handful have also shown me so much support in the years leading up to now, which I am so grateful for. Hi5’s all around.

To date, photographing weddings have consistently been some of the hardest work I’ve done in all 22 years of my life. Creatively andphysically. In fact, my legs are still recovering from a wedding on Galiano Island that happened to be the longest of the year at 17 hours of shooting, and also on the hottest day of the season. Some of you read “physically” and probably chuckled a little. To those people I say, “try doing a few hundred lunges a day with 20+ lbs of weight on your shoulders while maintaining a confident and happy smile on your face.” If you’re a wedding photographer you know exactly what I’m sayin’ here. Power-punches to all of ya. This month I’ve been entertaining the idea of wearing a Nike Fuel Band how much a wedding day actually differs from an average day in the week.

In the end all the effort is made much easier because photographing weddings can be fun and personally satisfying. Over the years I have found that harder work equals happier wedding couples equals more personal satisfaction. Besides photographing for the couple, I am always trying to make better photographs for myself as well. In this case, harder work is mutually beneficial and perhaps the reason I love putting in all the effort I can. Who doesn’t love a good win-win? The best part is that I’ve also met many of my favourite people through being in the industry.

I shot my first wedding at 19 when my dreams were to travel, but to establish myself as a photographer I had put those travel plans aside for a few years. I can’t really believe where it’s taken me. The five images below were photographed as close as Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, and as far away as India. They were the images that got me the title and are the reasons I’ve been to 4 different continents in the last two years. Todays recognition from the Canada Photo Convention serves as a wonderful tap on that shoulder that I’ve been doing something right all these years.

Thanks to anyone who has supported me so far, to the Canada Photo Convention and lastly to my parents – of course. I can’t do a “thank you” without considering them.


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