Brent & Steph ∞ Whistler


The Sea-to-Sky highway is one of the most beautiful routes I have ever travelled, right alongside the road through Helshoogte between Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Fitting that I should end up at one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended. The location was Brent’s family cabin, nestled somewhere between Squamish and Whistler, with the Black Tusk mountain peaking out through the trees on the horizon. In the backyard, they were to be married by their best friend, Andrew.

The Cabin, the Sea-to-Sky highway, and Andrew even were no strangers to me at this point. The first time I ever driven on that road was actually with Steph, Brent, and Andrew. We were on our way to the Sloquet Hot Springs for the weekend for a not-so-average engagement session. Andrew is one of their best friends, and tagged along for the ride. We made a stop at the Cabin for the night and I got to meet Brent’s family. Steph and Brent showed me around the house and told me about their plans. I got excited. The backyard dropped down steeply to a perfectly sized lake, shared only by a few households, across from which were railway tracks and then another steep incline. Everything about BC scenery one could love was crammed into this cozy little spot by their cabin. It felt great to be taken in as a friend, not just a photographer.

This isn’t the only time I felt this way. Brent decided to invite me to his Stag in Ashcroft, BC, where I spent the weekend riding horses with him and his best mates. You really get to know a person once you get to know their friends. I was honoured to be riding that weekend with group of top notch men.

Just as I was brought right into their lives with open arms like this, so were the guests of the wedding. Everyone felt at home and at ease with anyone at the wedding. Tables were arranged so that friends and family of the Jhala’s would mix with friends and family of the Akhursts. It was a most welcoming day for anyone who managed to make it to the cabin. To top it off, it was your very typical and very perfect BC weather that could not have been better suited. Surely, they could not have hoped for the day to have gone better than it did. It exceeded my very high expectations, which only grew and grew as the wedding got closer and I got to know Steph and Brent better over time.

To Steph and Brent, thank you for showing me an amazing time on your wedding day and for taking me in like a friend on so many adventures that I will never forget.

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