Brian Van Wyk 

We all have a different story to tell.


Mine started in South Africa. I was born a twin, grew up a musician and immigrated with family to Canada where I finished my last year of highschool in a city on an island that was literally the furthest place from home. Now I am a photographer living in Vancouver, obsessed with food, music, movies, culture and adventure. Outside of working I spend all of my time hanging out with friends or working with them on other creative projects.

The people who know me best are quick to sum me up as spirited and friendly. I’ve always tried to guide myself towards the things that make me smile. It’s lead me to learn that I am a happier person when I do things that I care about. This is why I’ve involved myself so much with photography. It brings me closer to people and also gives me the opportunity to work with them on something that they care about.

If you’ve connected with my work before knowing anything about me we’re off to good start. The work that I create is in part a reflection of who I am. Often focused on capturing the moments in-between that speak so loudly of someone’s character, I am always trying to create natural images of genuine moments.

What I’m interested in is who you are. It helps me create the photos that your family and friends can recognize you in. Not just by seeing your face in the image, but by how your personality shows itself, and through the good things that you bring out of each other as a couple. It’s all feel versus fact. I want to create images that don’t just show what you look like, but how you felt in those moments.

I am a wedding photographer based in Vancouver, BC, and I would love to get to know you better so that I can document your story best.

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Although based in Vancouver, I am available worldwide for travel. Don’t hesitate to inquire about your destination wedding. I have a love for travelling, and have photographed weddings as far as India, South Africa and Australia.