Aaron & Alicia ∞ Victoria


I’ll tell you this much. One thing I have learned through shooting anything since I started, is that producing any body of work like a wedding is entirely a 50/50 effort. I can only do so much to bring a wedding to life, but I cannot create anything that does not exist. The one constant I aim to maintain is that I give every shoot everything I’ve got. However, photographers are not wizards, as much as I wish that reality was true.

From the moment I started photographing these two on Mystic Beach, where they complained not one bit about the drenching rain, I knew they were going to give me so much to work with on their wedding day. In fact, I knew that when I met Aaron for the first time.

We worked at the Butchart Gardens together, back in the day when I had just picked up a camera and practiced my skills on flowers in my lunch break. Aaron is the type of guy that is enthusiastic about anything. He’s always thrilled, and he always does everything he can when it calls for it – because why not? That’s what I learned about him that summer. Both of us parted our ways when the working season was over.

A little while later, I found out about this girl who had swooped him up. It’s a wonderful story, and you should ask them about it if you don’t know it already. It’s worth it. They asked me to shoot their wedding. Meeting Alicia, I quickly figured out that she was perfect for him. I felt honored to be the one that photographed moments they will look back on for the rest of their life.

Here are some of those moments:


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